K & S Pallets can build new and/or remanufactured wooden pallets to your specifications from select new or reclaimed lumber. We use only the highest grade of strong, reusable lumber, according to your job requirements. Remanufactured pallets are a cost-saving strategy for small truckloads and limited production runs, where new-materials pallets are not practical.


We hand-assemble each pallet to suit the structural demands of your material handling and storage, and we can help you determine exactly what size and strength of pallet you need. This helps you control the often-unnecessary expense of over- or under-designed pallets.

We build a variety of pallet styles, including two-way, four-way, three-stringer, multiple stringer, single wing, double wing, block style, multi-use and limited-life pallets. We purposely carry many standard sizes in stock, ready for immediate delivery to your manufacturing facility, shipping, or warehouse destination.


We buy, sell, remove, recycle, rebuild and custom-build the most durable wood pallets for the manufacturing and shipping industries.

K & S Pallets can help you eliminate the clutter of accumulated pallets from your received raw materials or finished goods. Pallets that do not meet your shipping needs or that are damaged and unusable might be acceptable for our recycling and repair process.

Contact our office for details and specifications.